Dunk Tank Events

Dunk Tanks are the perfect addition to any event and it does not have to be over 100 degrees to rent one.  Dunk tanks are rented through out the year to create memories and happiness to everyone at an event.  Nothing is better than sending someone plunging into a tank full of whether, the unexpected drop will get them every time. 

Birthday Party

Whether you are having a pool party or a themed birthday party, adding a dunk tank will impress all of your guests.  A great way to cool off in the summer and an exciting way to dunk the parents in the winter makes a dunk tank perfect year round.

School Carnival

School Carnivals are probably the most popular rentals for a dunk tank.  Every kid has a teacher that they would love to dunk.  Dunk Tanks at a school carnival create excitement for the guests and can be a huge funraiser for the school. It is a win win situation for everyone. 

 Church Function

Church leaders are always a target for the dunk tank.  Members of the church love the opportunity to get out and have a great time with everyone involved.  Pictures and laughter make the dunk tank the talk of the church for many weeks to come.  Perfect for all age groups a church may have, there are no requirements for someone to attempt to dunk the person. 


Dunk Tanks are the ultimate fundraiser for any event.  The key is to get a community official or someone well known to step into the tank and the funraising possibilities are endless.  Especially for chairities, everyone is already excited about having the chance to hit the target but when they know the money is going to charity there is no stopping the fundraising power. 

Block Party

What better way to bring your street or community together than through fun and laughter.  Block Parties have been a great way to get to know your neighbors and create a strong relationship.  Adding a dunk tank to an event like this will surely create the laughter and smiles for everyone to talk about.  Dunk neighbors and kids to bring everyone together. 

Summer Water Day Party

 The best way to cool off in the summer heat is a swimming pool.  The next best thing, a dunk tank.  A dunk tank allows adults and kids to add some excitement and competitiveness to their typical water day.  No water day is complete without a dunk tank.